Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Brainoil oddities, obscurities and releases mix #1

Over the years we have come to realize the amount of recordings created under the alias known as BRAINOIL.  Some even exist before the actual lineup was complete while others were made as a prank.  A decision was made to share some material which is either out of print or was never intended to be released.  To round it out, we inserted a few tracks from our actual albums.  We hope you enjoy some of these oddities as much as we have.  Cheers.

Download the whole thing
Hint:  If you get a blank screen try right-click & save.  It is very fulfilling and you'll feel like a real master hack.

Track listing:
1) Wielding Strength - this recording was released on the Iron Lung split 7" in 2002 (recorded 2001).  The 7" saw 2 pressings of 300 copies before falling into obscurity. 

2) Snow Blind - A cover of a legendary song from Black Sabbath.  We recorded this at Expressions in 2004.  Although fun to record, it never landed a home.

3) Bag of Problems - this version was tracked during the same session as the Iron Lung split.  All other songs aside from Wielding Strength during this session became the Brainoil side of the Cruevo split CD.  This is yet another release which has sunk into obscurity.

4) Support in numbers - This song slated one of our first songs written as a 3 piece.  This version was released on our S/T LP.

5) Inquisition - A preproduction created in our jam spot for the 2002 recording which evolved into the first S/T LP on Life is abuse and Throne. 

6) I won't die - This was part of a demo Nate and Greg created in early 2000.  Although hopes of creating a productive tool for the new drummer they set sights on, there is a good chance it may have sounded like gibberish.  You will see Ira made sense of the 2000 demo later in the playlist.

7) Through Silence - This recording, which was created in 1998, was originally released under the alias MRBRAINOIL.  Greg performed all drums / bass and vox.  No guitar was tracked.  This track ended up on the World Demise compilation released in 1999. 

8) Dark eyes of my past - Recorded at Expressions in Emeryville.  The track was the counterpart to the Snowblind cover.  Listen for the dual vocalists.

9) Altered State - Not only a track released on the Cruevo split, but this recording frequented the Ramen Days documentary.

10) Complete? ; Lucid Vision - Released on the S/T LP in 2003.  A fragment of the track also ended up on the movie Putty Hill by filmmaker Matt Porterfield.

11) Bag of problems - Once the lineup of Brainoil was completed, they went on to release a cassette in 2001.  This appeared as track 3 on the tape.

12) One leaf untouched - A practice space demo in preparation for the S/T LP.  This was tracked at the same session as song 5 on this playlist.

13) Through silence – Also tracked at the same session, an accomplice to song 6 on this playlist. 

14) Gravity is a relic - The first track to be featured from the album "Death of this dry season" on www.brooklynvegan.com.  Also, the first music video Brainoil has been involved with.  The video was shot by www.killthatcat.com.

15) Altered State - Intimately known as song 6, this also became the 6th track on the cassette demo in 2001.

16) Naive in a bliss -  A third practice space recording which was later tracked for our S/T album.

17) Dark eyes of my past - The first track of our S/T LP.  This was written a week or so before our recording session at Polymorph in 2002.  This was the only track we didn't nail on the first take due to lack of preparation that day.  After the 2nd error, we made an agreement that if we didn't nail the take on the next run, it shouldn't be on the album.  It ended up on the album.

18) Bag of Problems - Another demo version tracked by Nate and Greg with a drum machine.

19) Gravity is a relic - Initially a prank Greg created while borrowing a computer from a buddy.  This track wound up being passed around by close friends as a joke previous to the release of "Death of this dry season."  In a few cases, utter confusion ensued. 

20) Bury the pages of existence - The 2nd track of side B of the album "Death of this dry season."

21) Support in numbers - A recording which ended up on the Cruevo split.


  1. Thanks, this is great--any plans for putting it into downloadable form?

  2. Thanks for inquiring about this valid point. This question will be processed at the BRAINOIL HEADQUARTERS once we all get back in town. Also, check back in future for MIX #2. Cheers.

  3. CD's for "Death of this dry season" were never manufactured. The album was only released on viynl and as a lossless resolution file on itunes. The S/T and Cruevo split CD's are both out of print. Plans to make older material accessible for downloads are in the works. Cheers.

  4. An update to two previous comments. Cd's and Tapes for "Death of this dry season" are in the works through TANK CRIMES (www.tankcrimes.com). Although, this set will not be downloadable, plans to make the 1st album are in the works. Cheers

  5. Amazing stuff. I love the Gravity Is a Relic prank-version. Reminds me of Laibach's Sympathy for the Devil.

  6. haha thanks. Definitely take that comment as a compliment.

  7. Downloadable link added. Enjoy!!

  8. Any chance you could get the master tapes for this and rip 'em to FLAC files for Bandcamp? :D